About Academy


We are BILT Academy a non-profit organisation and part of the conference series BILT Europe. We are a group of hardworking students from different parts of Europe and focusing our studies and working hours in the fields of the building industry. We are part of the committee of the BILT Europe conference and act as a voice to represent the students´ commitments in the building industry.


Our goal is it to create a transparent knowledge platform via podcasting and one-day summit. Aimed at students within the built environment the BILT Academy platform engages with mentors from the industry and academia. Students receive unique opportunity to explore practical working methods containing the current BIM methodologies, as well as the latest research regarding technological developments in software and project management. Discussed themes and trained workshop units covering computational design and Coding, Model and Project Management, BIM Interoperability & Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Data and information management, robotics and laser technologies. 


We see it as an important step forward to provide students & educators the opportunity to discover the current state of the art practices and workflows in a multiple platform environment. Preventive, we want to fill the lack of communication and encourage collaboration, aiming for a multi- & interdisciplinary environment in terms of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). In order to challenge future problems and to provide students with knowledge in efficient workflows, we are aiming to develop a concept to inspire the next generation in the industry.


Academy Statement´s


Shaping the future Experts of the Building Industry.



Creating a Sustainable multi-interdisciplinary platform to exchange knowledge.



International Summit for Students in the Building Industry.



BIM Statement´s


BIM Statement