Episode Two – Digital Twins

On Thursday, July 30th Episode Two of the BILT Academy Podcast went live.

Our second episode is a great one that has been curated by our BILT Academy correspondent Julia. This month’s podcast is a BIM Praxis podcast, and in it, Julia interviews two industry experts about the topic of Digital Twins.

During the podcast, we discuss Digitals Twins from a strategic standpoint, as well as learning the difference between a Digital As-built and a Digital Twin.

  • Digital Twins from a Strategic point of view with Cristina Savian of Be-Wise. Cristina not only holds an abundance of academic and industry pedigree, but she is also an international Agent Provocateur on the topic of Digital Twins and many other revolutionary processes within the building industry and an inspiration to all of us in her leadership role. 
Cristina Savian
  • Digital As-builts with Michael Richert of BIM6D. Michael is a certified MEP Engineer in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) by Stanford University in California and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. He is also an infinite source of expertise based on a successful 30 years career and a human Swiss Army Knife when tough questions need to be answered. 
Michael Richert

Episode Three – Coming August 27th

Be sure to tune in for our next episode on August 27th, 2020, which will be a Science/Academic episode. This episode will be curated by BILT Academy correspondent Daniel as he explores BIM from a science and academic point of view with the help of an industry expert.

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