Episode Nine – Technology Innovators

On Thursday, January 28th, 2021 Episode Nine of the BILT Academy Podcast went live.

Our first episode of 2021 is episode Nine and has been curated by our BILT Academy correspondent David. This month’s podcast is a BIM Technology podcast, and in it, David interviews two industry experts in the field of technology innovation.

A quick soundbite of what is ahead in this episode

In this month’s episode, we go behind the scenes of two successful internationally implemented BIM technologies and meet the founders and driving forces of BIM technology in the building industry. We meet 2 building industry experts that made the giant leap from a traditional oriented building industry to the future world of shaping our built environment. 

We’ll be going over things like, what motivated them by utilizing their proficiency to become technology innovators? What drove them to develop technology? What issues in traditional skills did they formerly encounter and jumped on to fix them? And what obstacles do they still face and foresee and how can we overcome them as end-users of these technologies? 

2 compelling stories of 2 inspiring building industry experts and technologists.

With more than 30 years in the industry, as CEO and CO-Founder at UNIFI, Dwayne Miller is focused on journeying with AECOM leaders in BIM content management, distribution, and project health strategies. Based on his own experience as an Electrical Engineer on prominent projects across the globe including the Bellagio, MGM in China, Borgott in Atlantic City, and Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, Dwayne has led the charge in developing UNIFIs industry-leading cloud-based platform that saves each user 80 hours a year. 

Dwayne Miller

Kelly is passionate about process and technology innovation and how they can change industries and people’s lives. With an education in architectural design and documentation, Kelly has implemented various practice technologies into design, estimating, and construction teams and workflows; worked on amazing projects such as the SaRang Global Ministry center in Seoul as a designer, and Renzo Piano’s addition to the Louis Kahn Kimbell Art Museum as a contractor; he also had the privilege of growing and leading one of the most talented VDC & Process Innovation teams in the industry. Now with ClearEdge3d, Kelly is putting those experiences to solving problems the building industry faces with technological limitations. With the world filled with new, exciting, and sometimes even amazing technologies; the AECO industry often ends last in line to get their hands on them. At ClearEdge, Kelly and team are committed to applying the most recent advancements in reality capture, computer vision, and positioning technologies to dramatically improve what can be accomplished in the design and construction of buildings. 

Kelly Cone


UNIFI is leveraged and described as “the gold standard” by leading AECOMs across the globe including Stantec, HDR, Kimley Horn, CannonDesign, Chick-fil-A, Legrand, and 40,000 other users. You can learn more or try UNIFI free at Demo – UNIFI (unifilabs.com) 


Twitter: @UNIFILabs  or UNIFI Labs (@UNIFILabs) / Twitter 

Facebook: @UNIFILabs  or UNIFI – 71 Photos – Software – (facebook.com) 

LinkedIn: UNIFI Labs: Overview | LinkedIn 


ClearEdge3D is a leader in automated as-built modeling and construction verification software. Its mission is to bring new technologies into design and construction workflows that are easy-to-use, and simply make field and back-office teams more efficient. 

Episode Ten – Coming February 25th, 2021

Be sure to tune in for our next episode coming on February 25th, 2021. This will be the first of a two-part series on Robotics, with David coming back next month to deliver part one.

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