Mentor announcement 2022 #5

Luis and Pedro are going to lead the workshop 5 Introduction to Parametric Design with Grasshopper 3d.

Luis E. Fraguada

Luis Fraguada is a developer at McNeel Europe, specializing in AEC applications, interoperability, 3d on the web, and 3rd party developer support. Luis joined McNeel Europe in 2015 and is currently developing on several projects, including rhino3dm and Rhino.Compute. Luis also helps to manage the development of Food4Rhino, a platform for 3rd party developers to share their apps and resources with the Rhino community. In addition to this role, Luis initiated and manages McNeel Europe’s participation in EU Funded research projects including Innochain, V4Design, MindSpaces, and Ecolopes.

Pedro Cortes

Pedro Cortés is a developer and technical support specialist at McNeel Europe. Since he joined the company in 2021, he is involved in the development of several projects, including Rhino.Inside Revit. Pedro also has experience as a Rhino and Grasshopper trainer, coordinating the Training Course for Resellers and participating as a teacher in events and workshops. In addition, Pedro collaborates in Food4Rhino webinars, a series of talks in which professionals and experts share their advances in the use of new technologies (AI, ML) with McNeel tools (Grasshopper, Rhino.Compute, Rhino.Inside).4

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Mentor announcement 2022 #4

Moty Vaknin

Moty will be leading workshop 4 on Quality control in multi-disciplinary projects. In this workshop, students will be introduced to the most important aspects of quality control in a multi-disciplinary working environment. BIM models will be discussed regarding the requirements per discipline, reaching from architects, structural engineers and HVAC. Specific software will be introduced that allows BIM managers to evaluate the quality of each model and in combination with each other. As a result, you will understand how to report and communicate issues among stakeholders.

Moty Vaknin Is a CTO at WeBIM, a Company based in Israel. WeBIM is an innovative company that has a strong passion to improve the construction industry by applying BIM methodology throughout the whole project lifecycle. Moty is We BIM Education Manager for Autodesk ATC (authorized Training Center) and AAP (Autodesk Academic Centre) in Israel. With over 10 years Working and Training in BIM Platforms. Moty is one of the forerunners of the BIM revolution in Israel.

Mentor announcement 2022 #3

Kelly Cone

Kelly is going to lead workshop 3 on Reality Capture with Laser Scanning. This class will delve into the world of point cloud data processing. A number of the recent scan to BIM projects will be presented and discussed. We’ll play with some scan data (surveyed at UPV) and attendees will gain an insight into practical modelling procedures for as-built projects and experience semi-automated Scan-to-BIM software.

I am passionate about process and technology innovation and how they can change industries and people’s lives. My education is in architectural design and documentation, but my experience within the AEC space is far more varied.

I have implemented various practice technologies into design, estimating, and construction teams and workflows; worked on amazing projects such as the SaRang Global Ministry center in Seoul as a designer, and Renzo Piano’s addition to the Louis Kahn Kimbell Art Museum as a contractor; and have had the privilege of growing and leading one of the most talented VDC & Process Innovation teams in the industry.

Those experiences have taught me there is a better way to create our built environment, and I want to make that way become a reality. As a first step in that journey, I have joined ClearEdge3D to help them develop the tools necessary for design and construction firms to get the most out of reality capture within the AEC industry, with the goal of closing the gap between the virtual and real world.

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Mentor announcement 2022 #1

Francisco Tabanera

Francisco is going to lead workshop 1 on BIM management in the design phase from an architectural perspective. This workshop covers the fundamentals of information management in digital design projects and interdisciplinary collaboration efforts.

Francisco Tabanera is a technical leader and partner at Modelical. With a background as an architect for several years at Sagrada Familia’s design team, Francisco joined Modelical to help with several tasks, from challenging large project development to corporate implementation. Currently, he is the leader of the Innovation department in Modelical. Francisco got his Bachelor in Architecture from Barcelona Tech – ETSAB and earned a Master in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture from ELISAVA.

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Mentor announcement 2022 #2

Bernardette Soust-Verdaguer

Bernardette will be leading workshop 2 on BIM and LCA implementation in the design process. This workshop focuses on theoretical and practical aspects to integrate an environmental assessment based on the Life Cycle Assessment method in the design process in BIM.

Bernardette Soust-Verdaguer is a Ph.D. Architect, who developed her career in various countries such as Uruguay, France, Spain, working in the field of sustainable buildings, especially on the use of environmental assessment tools and digital design tools such as BIM. Currently, she is working as a researcher and invited Professor at the University of Seville (School of Architecture) where participates in National and International Projects (IEA EBC Annex 72) focused on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and BIM integration. She is associated to the Green Building Council España, where participates in the Circular Economy working group.

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