Mentor announcement 2022 #4

Moty Vaknin

Moty will be leading workshop 4 on Quality control in multi-disciplinary projects. In this workshop, students will be introduced to the most important aspects of quality control in a multi-disciplinary working environment. BIM models will be discussed regarding the requirements per discipline, reaching from architects, structural engineers and HVAC. Specific software will be introduced that allows BIM managers to evaluate the quality of each model and in combination with each other. As a result, you will understand how to report and communicate issues among stakeholders.

Moty Vaknin Is a CTO at WeBIM, a Company based in Israel. WeBIM is an innovative company that has a strong passion to improve the construction industry by applying BIM methodology throughout the whole project lifecycle. Moty is We BIM Education Manager for Autodesk ATC (authorized Training Center) and AAP (Autodesk Academic Centre) in Israel. With over 10 years Working and Training in BIM Platforms. Moty is one of the forerunners of the BIM revolution in Israel.

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