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Daniel Plazza

Daniel developed a strong passion for the digitalized construction industry from an early age studying at the Technical College for surveying in Italy. After his bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the Graz University of Technology, he continued his academic career with a Joint Study Exchange Year at the College of Architecture & Urban Planning of the Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Since then Daniel has been attending his master studies in architecture at the Graz University of Technology where he is also a lecturer in the subject of software-based building modelling. As part of this study program, he has worked on a research project on the standardized implementation of BIM in public administration at the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Italy.  He now continues this activity in Graz, where he collaborates with the Working Group Sustainable Construction in researching new methods for a BIM-based Building Permit Process.

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David Torrance

I am a student at the New College Lanarkshire in Motherwell, Scotland, with a focus on architectural technology. My passion in my studies is towards the latest technology and software developments to enhance and optimize information driven design. The future aim of my career is to foster BIM in traditional architecture workflows to overcome collaboration and interoperability issues.

Being part of the BILT Academy team gives me the ability to network and share my knowledge among fellow students all over Europe to learn from each other and to improve the built environment together.

I’m a very enthusiastic and ambitious person with a ‘glass half full’ outlook on life! You can always find me with a smile on my face and probably a cup of coffee in hand.

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Julia Kaltenegger

Julia is working in the field of AEC since her early years. She started a technical college for interior design and encouraged her fundamental knowledge in the field of construction and detailing. After her bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Graz University of Technology [AUT], she continued working in the field of software development and BIM execution planning in the Netherlands. Since 2021 she graduated from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/E) [NL], specialising in urban systems, real estate and construction management engineering. She is now working as a research assistant at TU/E in the institute for information systems in the built environment. Besides that, she is applying the research developments by working for LivingRommCraftZ on digital building and information modelling to optimize data and process management. Striving for a more sustainable built environment, the focus point in her future career will be the efficient integration of environmental and economically feasible design and decision support tools in an emerging digital technology AEC industry.

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Carl Storms “The BIM Uncle”

Drawing on his 20+ years of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction, Carl shares a practical and well-rounded understanding of BIM with clients. He has worked in residential and commercial architecture, as well as construction, with 10 years of teaching experience at both the collegiate and industry level. This experience aids him in providing the business case for BIM and how it makes the most of collaboration, coordination, design tools, and processes.

Through implementations, instruction, mentoring, webinars, and global speaking engagements, Carl assists the AECO community with the adoption of design technology and BIM processes. As someone who truly enjoys the process of building information modeling, Carl aka “The BIMsider” spreads his love of all things BIM via his Blog, or as a co-host on AECO Industry Podcasts: BIMThoughts, The BILT Academy Podcast, The Simply Complex Podcast, and BluePrints.

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LinkedIn: Carl Storms
Twitter: @theBIMsider
Instagram: @thebimsider


Nathan Hildebrandt

Nathan is a passionate Architect that is driven to create sustainable high-quality Architectural solutions. This is achieved by working closely with his clients and a focus on delivering the best outcomes, whilst enjoying the journey. Throughout his 19-year career in the Architectural profession, Nathan has worked on a diverse range of projects including residential, multi-residential, sport and recreation, education, aged care, retirement living, public and civic buildings.

Nathan is a globally recognised BIM subject matter expert and is acknowledged as being able to understand how to implement and apply BIM processes and technology to enable great outcomes for organizations on projects. His solid background in delivering building projects, particularly for institutional clients gives him an organizational perspective on the application of BIM technology. He is skilled in understanding technologies and how they can be applied in business to improve effectiveness and efficiencies for day-to-day operations.

Nathan contributes to the industry as a committee member of BILT ANZ, where he has assisted to deliver BILT ANZ events, specifically the new streams. In 2022 he will introduce BILT Academy to ANZ, following the direction led by the European BILT Academy team. He also is chair of the industry event BrisBIM, where experts share their experiences with the industry in a bi-monthly event. Nathan also hosts an industry-leading BIM podcast, ‘The Digital Transition’.

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Silvia Taurer “The BIM Mama”

Silvia founded LRCZ in 2008 and is a founding member of the RTC Europe Foundation since 2012. She first got exposed to the concept of BIM or integrated planning as a contractor for the emerging Revit platform in early 2007 and since then wholeheartedly embraces the vision on creating a better future for the generations ahead by extensively utilizing unbiased collaborative thinking. She is a free spirit and lateral thinker; combining industry knowledge, managerial assets and clear vision. By doing so, Silvia has contributed to conferences such as RTC Europe and BiLT Europe as well as influenced other industry related events, shaping the individuality of those. Silvia inspires with her energy and drivenness – propelling the collaborative goal of integrated planning.

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