Episode Twenty Two – Open Source Part 4

Welcome to the BILT Academy Podcast!

Our twenty-second episode has been curated by our guest BILT Academy correspondent and previous BILT Academy Podcast guest Mark Wieringa. This month’s podcast is the final in our 4 part series on Open Source, and in this episode, Mark interviews Thomas Krijnen.

For this episode, Mark had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Krijen about open source and getting technical about IFC.

Here are this month’s interviewees: 

  1. Thomas Krijnen, Founder and principal engineer at AECgeeks.

Thomas has worked as a Senior Software Engineer for the software development and consultancy firm ‘Gehry Technologies’. He has completed his PhD research on efficient storage and retrieval of semantically stored building models and point clouds. Thomas is the founder of a company called AECgeeks which specializes in research and software development for the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry. With the latter, he has worked for governmental clients on state-of-the-art automated code compliance checking and worked with renowned research institutes, standardization organizations and a variety of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. 

Thomas Krijnen

Some resources from this month’s episode:

Open source projects under development: 
* IfcOpenShell 
   Open source IFC software library 
* Voxelization toolkit 
   Voxelized building model analysis toolkit 
* ifc-pipeline 
   Processing queue and front-end for visualizing BIM models with IfcOpenShell, Docker Compose and Flask  
google scholar 
personal web page 
company web page 
questions/discussions on IfcOpenShell 
issues on IfcOpenShell 

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