Episode Seven – AI in Design

On Thursday, December 17th Episode Seven of the BILT Academy Podcast went live.

Our Seventh episode has been curated by our BILT Academy correspondent Daniel. This month’s podcast is an academic podcast, and in it, Daniel interviews two industry experts about the topic of AI or Artificial Intelligence in design.

This month we take a deep dive into deep-learning in Geometry. As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more relevant as early as in design phases. We explore in this episode how Artificial Intelligence not only currently is researched but how it is already in use and how the building industry benefits from this progress. Daniel had the pleasure of teaming up with two passionate and brilliant building industry experts and researchers already creating a large impact on their researches and practical approaches. 

Alberto is the president of the Computational Design Institute. He is currently exploring ways in which the Convergence between Digital and Humanities can facilitate cross-pollination between different industries within an Ethical Framework. 

He served as the Research and Computational Design Leader in Architectural and Engineering organizations, receiving the O1-visa for outstanding abilities with HOK and HDR. Tono obtained his Masters in Building Engineering – Architecture from the University of Padua and the Harbin Institute of Technology. He has been working in the computational design and deep learning space since 2014. Furthermore, he is focused on the improvement of Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction (BIM/VDC) workflows with a statistical approach to reduce the impact that these processes have on our Planet. Hence, Tono is LEED AP certified, and he is completing a MicroMasters Program in Statistics and Data Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology X. He is an international multi-award-winning “hacker” and speaker, and his work within Architecture and Artificial Intelligence brought him to companies in China, the Netherlands, Italy, and California. 

He is devoting his life for Hannah Tono’s happiness. Since they both are passionate about new technologies, he developed an augmented reality wedding proposal. Together they run a program called Dreamship to help Pediatric Palliative Care Hospices adopt immersive technologies through research. 

Alberto Tono

Alessio Grancini is a prototype engineer for immersive realities.  

He is interested in how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality meet private and public spaces,  infrastructuring the interfaces of the future.  

His research starts from the gaming industry. After working on a Virtual Reality game named “VR Reefrescue”, educational multiplayer experience by Super 78 Studios, he produces a number of freelance projects for the AEC industry and Entertainment industry.  

Working at Morphosis Architects, as a Unity Developer, his work at Milan Design Week 2019, features a multiplayer augmented reality app experience that plays on the potential that the field of design has to offer when it comes to AR.  

He taught Unity workshops internationally as the one in Shanghai, “Urban Mixed Reality Environment” for DigitalFUTURES 2019 and published multiple articles about AR/VR on platforms such as DesignBoom, Archdaily and Forbes.  

Alessio Grancini

Here are Alberto and Alessio’s Top 7 resources from this episode:

  1. https://paperswithcode.com/ and https://www.connectedpapers.com/
  2. Community dojo  https://autodesk.communitydojo.net/ 
  3. Encoded memory Industry 4.0. https://www.igi-global.com/gateway/chapter/244979
  4. www.Deeplearningai.com
  5. https://github.com/CDInstitute/CompoNET (WIP)
  6. Stanford Lab https://cife.stanford.edu/events/1st-colloquium-ai4aec 
  7. 3DGV – Toronto Geometry Colloquium https://3dgv.github.io/ / https://toronto-geometry-colloquium.github.io/

Sometimes 7 is not enough. Alberto and Alessio are so passionate they have provided even more resources for those interested in learning more about AI.

Episode Eight – Coming December 30th

Be sure to tune in for our Seasons’ special episode on December  30th, 2020, where we will hear from all of our BILT Academy team: Julia, David and Daniel returning for a very special Episode!

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